Specialty Services

At Abyss Salon, we feel that your vision for great style shouldn’t be limited. We pride ourselves on providing specialty services that elevate your look and enhance your beauty. We’ll help guide you to the texture service, whether that be a keratin treatment, relaxer or perm, that delivers the hair transformation you desire. Our experts also specialize in facial waxing services that help create a polished look you can enjoy every day.

Customized Keratin Treatments

Do you feel like your hair is unmanageable and that frizz always wins? We consider the texture of your tresses and hair goals when designing a professional keratin treatment that will work best for you. Then our stylists employ precision to apply the treatment, wash, and then style your sleek new hair. Beyond the silky, smooth feeling you enjoy, you will save time styling your hair and stress less when it comes time to get ready each day.

Relaxers & Perms

Do you find that hot tools and styling products just don’t achieve the straight hair look you were working toward or your curls fall flat in no time? That’s where personalized texture services come in. Whether you’re looking for beach waves or spiral curls, our hair experts will tailor a perm service to meet your needs. We are also skilled in applying chemical relaxers that reduce at-home styling time and maintain the health of your hair. Say hello to the defined curls or smooth hair you’ve been searching for all these years.

Facial Waxing

Our expertise goes beyond hair care here at Abyss Salon. We provide precision facial waxing that serves to accentuate your features and leaves you with smooth skin. A great alternative to shaving or tweezing, professional waxing is an easy and effective way to remove unwanted hair. Abyss waxing experts provide a variety of facial waxing services that meet your needs, all in a clean and comfortable environment.